Monday, April 4, 2011

The Surprising Sources Behind Burial's Music

If you're not familiar with the British ambient dubstep artist Burial, he weaves lush, atmospheric tracks that are as evocative as they are beautiful. And he does it all in a sound editor by manually editing samples. has the surprising sources of some of those samples, which made me even more impressed with his music given how far away from the source material his music sounds. Thanks to Cobra for sharing the link.


Timo said...

some more info from his guardian interview:

"He confesses that his favourite sounds are sampled from "Vin Diesel's car keys in a film, bullet casings hitting concrete in Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation". Another is the sound of his brother's lighter sparking."

Darren_Halm said...

WOW! I gotta go back and re-listen. So glad someone is carrying on in the tradition of found-sound. So many kids today seem pre-occupied with Virtual-analog softsynths and Fruity Loops.

Jeremy said...

hrm...Darren. I use VA softsynths and FL Studio, yet sampling is central to my music... especially found sounds. You should know the use of modern tech does not preclude the use of the old techniques.