Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Sample Friday: Cross Mod Bass

Today's free sample selection is a sort of hybrid digital/analog sounding bass created using cross modulation. 5 multi-samples as 24-bit WAVs, weighing in around 1.6 MB.



Chris said...


Thanks for these sweet samples, I was wondering if you created this sound by yourself? If it is, I would be very interested to know the basic idea of the oscillator(s)'s wave form and the signal routing. I really like this sound; it could be nice to have the basic setup for me to elaborate on. Also, I am not aware of what the term cross modulation means, tried to get some stuff on the internet but nothing really helpful, do you have some resources that could help me grab the idea ?


Tom said...

Hey Chris - Yes, it's a sound I programmed myself... I'll elaborate a little more later, but I've got a full plate at the moment. Basically, it just involves using one oscillator to modulate the timbre of another ...

Adam Dubbleu said...

password is: cross mod

Osc1 -> Osc2 -> Filter -> Amp -> out

Midi -> gate --> EG1 ^ EG2^