Friday, April 8, 2011

Free Sample Friday: Korg Radias Samples (For Real This TIme)

So last Friday, while I was busy making a fake post about the Jupiter-80, our old friend Psyche Poppet played a prank as well, as those of you who downloaded the "Korg Radias" samples undoubtedly found out. Thing is, I was so busy, I hadn't even previewed the samples before uploading them, so he got me too.

So this week, we have the REAL Korg Radias samples courtesy of Mr. Poppet. Two multi-sampled bass sounds, and two drum loops. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

If I may say last weeks samples are awesome and useful for vocal effects.

Adam Dubbleu said...

Thank you! Joke or not, I figured they still have their place.