Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saving Patches on Pre-Memory Synths

We sort of take it for granted today that our synths have patch memory on them. In fact, for those of us working with software synths, we even take for granted that the exact settings for a particular song will be restored every time we open a song.

But for those of us with a love for vintage synths, patch recreation can be an issue since not many of them include the ability to save patches. So how to remember those crucial settings so you can dial those settings in when you need them?

In the past, you'd write the settings down on a piece of paper or a patch sheet, but since just about everything in existence has a camera built in to it these days, now all it requires is a well-lit overhead shot of your patch panel. Even better? You can name the photo files with synth name, patch name, or descriptors that make searching for it on your computer a breeze!


Unknown said...

This is a great idea to post, I posted a similar post about VSTi's and demo restriction where you write down all the settings on a piece of paper so that when you register you can recreate your patches, but this is a better post :)

fractured said...

This is also a great way to save a mix on an analog mixer or tweak a graphic EQ. You can always try something else, then come back to your initial settings. said...

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