Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo & Details of Roland Jupiter-80 Leak

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Roland would be unveiling a flagship synth called the Jupiter-80 at the Musicmesse tradeshow in Germany. Speculation ran wild about what it might be. Would it just be another virtual analog or ROMpler with a classic name slapped on it, or, as the expected $4,000 pricetag suggests, would it be a full-fledged analog polysynth? A few music journalists who got to preview the Jupiter-80 before the tradeshow would only say that "It's not what anyone is expecting."

Truer words have never been spoken. Late this evening, an anonymous writer for a leading electronic music magazine leaked this photo from an ad for the Jupiter-80 in an upcoming issue. Although the full ad wasn't leaked, some details featured in the ad help to clarify what exactly the Jupiter-80 will be.

• Stunning pink chassis design envisioned by Lady Gaga
• 1,000 note polyphony, 50 times multitimbral
• 8 stunning preset patches programmed by Richard Devine
• Built-in speakers, as well as USB, gold-plated XLR, and digital outputs.
• Full 128-channel MIDI interface
• Up to 24 simultaneous Roland COSM effects, including what Roland promises to be the most advanced Jaw Harp modeling system available via current technology
• 4 animal sounds (horsey, kitty, doggy, and cow) are available at once, all recorded in 24-bit, 192kHz fidelity with full Surround encoding
• An extensive library of 4 cutting edge preset rhythms including Bossa Nova, Polka, Disco, and Dubstep
• A built-in demo plays Rebecca Black's "Friday" that, once activated, can never be turned off
• And, in a rare move, endorsed by Jordan Rudess


Jasyn said...

This my friend makes me think you have a future covering Depeche Mode news for sideline!

Tom said...

@Jasyn - Been there, done that... : )

Jeff Knapp said...

Stunning, just stunning. Gotta get one as soon as possible!

Jasyn said...

Damn you SHEAR!!! :) This was awesome btw..

Anonymous said...

"It's not what anyone is expecting."

This refers to the material the case is made of. It's based on a kevlar compoound material. The chellenge was to get the correct pink dye and by using special nano technology developed by the Japanese firm Du Pont-Toray Co.

Graham Bull said...

Hehe, you've gotta try harder than that Tom!

mangadrive said...

YES.. I was looking for more horsey noises to go in my psytrance.

LineOfControl said...


Darren_Halm said...

I heard they were adding the Casio "Frog" tone as well.

Joshua said...

FINALLY a pink chassis. In my apartment this will look SIMPLY STUNNING.

Anonymous said...

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