Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Access 2 Foundation

A reader on my Facebook shared this with me and I thought I'd post it here, as it sounds like a fantastic cause. The Access 2 Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing studio spaces designed with the disabled in mind and much more:

"The Access 2 Foundation is the brainchild of Bobbi Style, a British musician and producer who happens to be confined to an electric wheelchair. Its goal is to design, build and run “Bob Friendly” recording studios worldwide. What Bobbi means by “Bob Friendly” is that is easily accessed and used by people with a disability, such as Bobbi. The goal is to create an environment that a person with a disability could be creative without restrictions that are in most commercial studios. The first studio is up and running in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has been a great success. Bobbi now wishes to take it global with the assistance of friends and artists within the music industry and from the record companies themselves and other organizations.

Our next aim is to open a studio based in the UK, which will be part of our expansion plans for the foundation, and take it truly global. This will help to supply a truly inclusive, “in-house” support network for anybody who happens to be disabled to help express themselves through musical performance, production and access to music therapy services in a truly unique setting.

With the aid of friends old and new within the music industry, and the involvement of the public and pre-existing local services we aim to prove that music can heal. To provide those most vulnerable members of society to improve their life and express themselves in ways they know they can but have previously not had the ability to do so."


Darren_Halm said...

This sounds great.Good for you for sharing this.

M13 said...

Hehe, I know this man. He's awesome. Was scrolling along your blog and BAM Bobbi! :D