Thursday, March 3, 2011

Liine Remiix

Remiix is an app (or more accurately, a series of apps) for iPhone and iPad which allows users to remix parts of an artists's actual recordings in a simple way. The parts are essentially grouped into stems and are designed to create nice sounding results no matter what combination the user chooses to combine the parts into . So far they've done apps for Plastikman and Joris Voorn with more editions promised shortly. This is a very interesting idea as a way for artists to connect with their fans who also happen to be musicians. How many of us would kill to have access to the individual tracls of our favorite artists' songs?

Remiix Plastikman ReplikantsRemiix Plastikman Replikants - Liine

Remiix Joris Voorn Remiix Joris Voorn - Liine

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Diandre said...

Hi Tom,

Just wanted to let you know that the latest Remiix version is out now:Remiix Dubfire! You can see a video here:

or visit for more info!
And as always, another version is just around the corner :-)