Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hollow Sun Releases Oscillosine

Waveformless reader Rod alerted me to the release of Oscillosine by sample purveyors Hollow Sun for a mere $8! Here's what they have to say about this unusual instrument:

"Oscillosine uses Kontakt's advanced modular synthesis facilities to create a compact sonic laboratory machine capable of producing authentic sci-fi and vintage electronica blips and bleeps and klings and klangs and drones and squeals as well as smooth pads, solid sub-basses, mellow leadlines, etc., suitable for more modern musical genres.

The user interface is modelled on an old Tektronics oscilloscope and might look a bit inscrutable and arcane at first but is actually quite simple. On the other hand, its rather non-standard layout encourages experimentation and serendipity to create sounds that are maybe unimaginable. It's certainly great fun to play with. "

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Mark said...

That's a must-have, Tom. Thanks for posting. Great show at the DNA the other night.