Thursday, November 18, 2010

Korg Unbundles Legacy Synths

Korg have announced that they are offering the softsynths making up their Analog and Digital Legacy collections available individually. Even better? You can pick them up for under $50 a pop. For what it's worth, I think these are some of the best-sounding softsynths on the market.

Also check out the cool line of "vintage" t-shirts they're offering on their site! Christmas is coming up and if you have a synth dork on your list, they'll probably eat these up.


Jonas said...

I am thinking about picking up one of the "Analog Legacy" synths, but I can not decide on which. Which would you (or anyone reading) pick if you were only allowed one. I want something for fake analog bass, to complement logic + free synths.

And hi, and thanks for your blog, and your music, I follow both regularily; keep up the good work!

Joshua said...

That is some excellent news. I've wanted those for a long time.