Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Iced Audio Releases Update for AudioFinder

Iced Audio have released an update to their acclaimed AudioFinder software for OSX. For those unfamiliar with it, AudioFinder builds a catalog of every sound file on your system and lets you tag them, organize them, assign them to projects, and otherwise organize your samples to make them easy and quick to find when you need them. As someone who has wasted entire afternoons looking for a specific kick drum sample, this sounds pretty good.

The new update (5.0.6) adds the following:

• Added Support for Spotting sounds to the cursor in Apple Logic 9 or newer.

• Sample Tools now accept MIDI input for playing back at variable pitches/speeds. This is automatically enabled when a Sample Tool is front-most window.

• Added import of "Hollywood Edge" sound library ".tab" files in the Metadata Database Manager.

• Bug fix with Metadata Editor Templates. If a Template was applied to a sound already in the database the path could be reset to be AFMetadataStoreTemplate.

• Metadata Database Viewer Templates have a new format, any old ones in use will need to be updated.

• Fixed the Escape Key to end editing of renaming operation in the list view.

• Bug fix – sometimes after renaming a file the keyboard shortcuts could stop working.

• Bug fix AudioViewer shortcuts when detached (free mode).

• Fixed a bug in the Folder Column Browser that only effected Leopard.

• Other bug fixes.

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