Monday, November 29, 2010

Hope for the Future

Considering that hearing Gary Numan's "Cars" on the radio in the late 70's is what first made me notice electronic music, it warms my heart to see 2 kids about the same age I was finding similar inspiration in Mr. Numan's music.


Tom Schmitz said...

These kids are adorable! It's nice to learn that insight into your musical roots Tom. For me it was Praying To The Aliens. I heard that on SNL and I became permanently imprinted.

silikon said...

For me it was Antena and Radioactivity by Kraftwerk. I really like how this cover sounds, this kids know how to use their limited equipment.

bb said...

They are cute.
But the song for me was "Are Friends Electric?"

The weird part is why kids are into 30 year old music. I wasn’t when I was their age. Well, maybe a little bit of nearly 20 year old stuff. Nothing’s happening anymore.