Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One You Might Have Missed: Steven Massey's TapeHead Medium

It's ironic, but now that pristine digital audio is the norm, most of us like to find ways to introduce some of the imperfections and artifacts of he old days. Tape saturation is one such effect and there is no denying that it adds a great punch and sense of weight to nearly anything it is applied to.

For many years, Steven Massey's TapeHead plug-in was only available as a high-end plug-in for ProTools, but a little while back, he put out a free AU version for Mac. I never saw this get much mention, so I thought I'd bring it up here. TapeHead Medium is absolutley free and replicates the ProTools plug-in at its middle setting. It uses the generic AU shell, so there is no fancy interface, but it's free, so why complain? Requires at least OS 10.4.



James said...


You very kindly mentioned my site a few months back. Thanks for that !! I'm also a big fan of Massey's Tapehead and I've done a little video about here or on my YouTube channel here

I hope it serves a useful introduction.


Tom said...

Thanks, James