Monday, December 8, 2008

Primeloops Releases Sample Set by Cyberworm

Since I link to his free sample sets frequently, I thought I would post this update from Cyberworm's blog regarding a commercial soundset of his samples..

"Crash-landing from the furthest reaches of the sonic hemisphere, Breakbeat Electronica is born! Brand new for our eagerly anticipated Fusion Series, and bursting with crystal-coated future grooves, this exciting new sound suite is alive, delivering driving rhythmical pulses hell bent on terrorising normal civilians on a direct route for the clubs!

Breakbeat Electronica is a highly addictive digitized mashup to assault the senses - mixing the hottest genres head on to battle it out: Electro vs. Breakbeat, Minimal vs. House & Glitch vs. Tech! For the first time you can experience a refreshing palette of distinctive grooves with a DJ-Ready collection combining the Filthiest Electronic Breakbeats with ultra-synthesised Minimal-Tech beats, upfront Dirty Electro Breaks with precision glitched out rhythms, Jackin’ Tech-Grooves with Sexy Texturised vibrations, presented in over 70 purified drum loops each one boasting endless creative possibilities for a streamline song-writing package.

If you are easily offended you may want to look away as this release throws you into a deep pool of razor-sharp grooves expertly and unrequitedly optimised, shock-proof tested and fit for only those who possess the utmost genre-defying style! Inject Breakbeat Electronica into your mix for immediate results and maximum originality.

Listen demo and buy..."

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