Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Jazz Drumset Samples

Via the KVR Forums:

"Happy Holidays from Orange Tree Samples!

In celebration of this month, I've decided to release a free jazz drumset sample library. This sample library features unique and rare drums and cymbals and has an excellent tone suitable for jazz and funk.

Currently this free download is available in Kontakt 2/3 format. However, all the .WAV sample files are included in the download archive, and are labeled, making a conversion fairly straight-forward.

Audio demo: msdemo.mp3

Direct download: (102 MB compressed) Kit.rar

If you like the sound of this free sample library, please check out my commercial products, which include a recently-released extensive electric guitar (humbucker pickups) sample library as well as fingered, picked, and slapped electric bass sample libraries."


Anonymous said...

Thank you! =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the free download of jazz drumset sample library. Jazz lover would really appreciate this and be thankful for this free downloads.

Alberto said...

Wow, what an excellent gift! I can't thank you enough!!

Unknown said...

nice post

Ryan said...

Those people are like music they are very enjoy this Jazz Drumset Samples. I know this is most favorite for the listners. I hope every singer are also like to use this music tools so more.