Monday, December 22, 2008

Interesting Study of Audio Perception

I was pretty lousy at science in school, but I still find a lot of it fascinating, especially when it comes to audio and the way our brain processes it. This is an interesting study I found showing the differences in how a sample of significantly degraded 'sine-wave speech' is perceived both before and after hearing the sentence it is supposed to be replicating. There are several audio samples on the page so you can try it out yourself.

(On a semi-related aside... Have you seen the cell phone commercial with Ozzy Osbourne mumbling to various people who can't understand him, so he is forced to text them what he's saying? Listen carefully to what he says to the psychiatrist. According to Mr. Osbourne himself, the sentence he is speaking is "I want to shave your bollocks". I thought it was nonsense he was mumbling before, but now every time I see the commercial, it's clear as day!)

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ionnokx said...

Here's a YouTube link to that Ozzy commercial you're talking about. He's definitely saying that, you're right.