Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Spring Reverb Impulse Responses from Dubshot

If you've got a convolution reverb and are looking for some authentic, dirty spring reverb impulse responses to feed it, head on over to the Dubshot blog to download a whopping 60 of them. Perfect for trip-hop, dub, dubstep, or any other style that benefits from a little lofi tastiness.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this link !

I was searching a plugin reproducing vintage, old school, guitar... spring verbs for dub and such : no way, only one obscure plugin found

And i thought : "why not use impulses of the real thing ?"

Now i will try them with the freeware SIR ;)

I will try to feed it with a knock sample to see if it react like a knocked real spring reverb :D

Anonymous said...

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