Thursday, July 17, 2008

Logic's "Hidden" Plug-in Settings

Logic, as anyone who has learned to use it will attest, is a seriously deep program. For most of us, learning Logic is an ongoing occupation. Just when you think you've learned all you need, you discover some function hidden away on some sub-menu somewhere that totally rocks your world and improves your efficiency. So while most Logic users learn to properly utilize some of the program's amazingly high quality built-in plug-ins, many of them never noticed that little triangle at the bottom of some of the plug-in windows.
For some reason, the makers of Logic decided to 'hide' certain plug-in functions. This was probably just to keep the GUI from getting too cluttered, but it's a shame, because a lot of the extended functions are really useful. For instance, on Compressor, you can add in analog style saturation effects which REALLY can change the sound of the compressor. In the EQ effects, you can choose to have the signal analyser display in either Peak or RMS modes. In Tape Delay, you can select distortion level to filth up your sound further.
There are really only a handful of Logic's plug-ins that offer extended parameters, but keep your eye open for that little grey triangle at the bottom lefthand corner of the plug-in window! Clicking it will reveal all the hidden parameters and you're good to go.


nulldevice said...

The compressor's "output mix" is supremely useful. Why they hid that away I'll never know.

Tom said...

Yeah, no kidding. That's a feature that should be on EVERY compressor's front panel.