Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lennar Digital Release Sylenth 1 For Mac

Long a favorite among PC users, Lennar Digital has finally released a Mac version of its famed Sylenth 1 softsynth (whenever I read the name I hear Cindy Brady in my head trying to pronounce 'Silence'). Currently, the Mac version is only available in VST format, but an AU version is promised. The new version 2.0 software offers several new features and enhancements to longtime PC users as well, including:

* Complete rewrite of the user interface and voice management, now fully written in C++ and assembly code.

* Fixes all previous problems (including sound stuttering) with several hosts including FL Studio, ACID Pro and Tracktion.

* Heavily improved loading and initialization times.

* Rebuilt MIDI learn functionality for ALL controls including support for RPN and NRPN messages.

* Onboard preset browser with 4 selectable banks of 128 presets each.

* Onboard menu for loading and saving presets and banks, as well as Copy, Paste, Insert, Delete, Init and Reset functionality for individual presets.

* Fully compatible with older Sylenth1 versions.

* Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements.

* Now ships with a total of 1024 presets divided over 2 soundbanks.

A demo is also available to try

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Anonymous said...

Went and downloaded the demo last night - mighty impressive stuff. Very, very tempted to buy a copy of that bad-lad! It's really easy to use, the filters and effects sound top-notch, really light on my CPU, and best of all, you can impress all your non-synth-playing mates by playing an impromptu cover of the techno remix of Confusion by New Order! "OMG IT'S THE SONG FROM THE BLOOD-RAVE SCENE IN BLADE!! THAT'S AWESUM!!" ;P