Monday, July 14, 2008

Excellent Trevor Horn Interview

Via Failedmuso.

I meant to post this a couple days ago. Trevor Horn has always been one of my favorite producers. There is a sheen and size to his productions that is uniquely his. I often think of him as being a modern Phil Spector, but without all the crazy. At any rate, the interviewer is annoying as hell, but if you can get past that, there is a lot of really interesting info. I'm amazed at the detail with which Horn can remember things he did on records he made 20 years ago.



Bryce Fischer said...

Video Killed the Radio Star... The Buggles were always one of my favs from the 80's.

That, and the Yes album "Drama", whom Travor Horn sang on (He went on to produce the popular Yes album 90125.

Brilliant producer

Tom said...

He really has had a brilliant career. Even the stuff he did with TATU was brilliant on a pop music level...