Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: Sounds of Revolution's Minimal Techno Revolution Vol. 3

Product: Minimal Techno Revolution Vol. 3
Developer: Sounds of Revolution
Format:  Logic EXS-24, Native Instruments Kontakt, REX
Price: €47.99 for everything (smaller packs available individually for less, pricing info on product page)
Demo: Audio demos on product page.

With their latest release, "Minimal Techno Revolution Vol. 3", Sounds of Revolution once again delves into the atmospheric, technical vibe of Minimal Techno.  Consisting of 1,400 24-bit WAV samples, MTR-3 is aimed at giving you everything you need to get started making your own minimal techno club hits.  You'll find basslines (synth and real), SFX, drums, lush stabs, dubby synth chords, spoken and sung vocal parts, slamming full and top-only loops... really everything you might want.

As always, the programming and sound design is extremely creative and interesting, making it stand out from other similarly-themed sample libraries.  Sounds of Revolution have always made products with good production quality, but it feels like they upped things a notch this time around.  The loops especially draw a better balance between loud/punchy and dynamic than before and sound professional and present without being smashed within an inch of their lives.

If you're familiar with Sounds of Revolution's prior work, you know what to expect: great, professionally produced sounds and loops and lots of creativity.  Happily, this library continues that trend, even dialing things up a notch when it comes to production quality.  If you're looking to make some Minimal Techno and need some inspiration, this would be a great place to start!  [10/10]

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