Friday, September 13, 2013

Free Sample Friday: FM Artifact

Today's free sampled instrument is a metallic bass/lead from Native Instruments' FM8.  6 stereo multisamples at 24-bits/44.1k weighing in around 1.74 MB in total.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom. For this and ALL the other awesome stuff you've ever posted on this blog!


Валентин Унру said...

I want to thank you, mr. Shear, for what you did and still do. It's good to know, that there are still men, who trust in alternative electronic scene with open heart, last of the romantics. Hope you'll continue this blog eventually.

VST Plugins said...

Very nice, thank you, I just found your blog on google and I read some great stuff

B.K. Saha said...

Thanks for your blog.It will be very very much important for music production

George Matthews said...

This is awesome FM8 has to be the synth i've used the most in many years.

If you're into your mics i just posted up a review of one my biggest studio purchases yet the Neumann U87 AI. Leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are.

Rathana Gclub2017 said...

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