Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"32 Lives" Will Allow 32-bit Plug-ins to Run in Logic Pro X

Among all the cool improvements to Logic in the latest version, was one restriction that scared off more than a few potential customers, myself included.  With the release of Logic Pro X, the DAW stopped supporting 32-bit plug-ins.  So, those of us who needed maintain compatibility with old projects, or who simply make use of plug-ins that may never be released in 64-bit format, held off on upgrading right away.  I figured this would be enough of a problem for someone software company, and indeed that is the case with the announcement of 32 Lives.  32 Lives promises to allow you to run your 32-bit plug-ins just as if they were 64-bit completely transparently and hassle-free.  The program is still in beta at the moment, but you can actually buy a beta version at reduced price ($69 versus $99) with a free upgrade to the full version when it is released.

[via MusicRadar]

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