Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Sample Friday: Detergent Drums (and a Contest... Sort of...)

So, I thought I'd try something a little different for today's Free Sample Friday.  Today's selection of samples consist of 12 different samples of detergent containers being struck with a drum stick.  They don't make bad percussion sounds on their own, but I want to see how creative you all can get.

Let's use these samples as the starting point for new sounds... pitch shift them, layer them, filter them, effect them, distort them, stretch them - just twist them into something new an unrecognizable.  It could be more percussive type sounds, ambient soundscapes, or even a synth sound.  Now, there is no prize other than the mutual admiration of your peers, but I thought I could then share the resulting samples with everyone for next Friday.  So we get to mess around with sample mangling AND (hopefully) get a whole new mess of sounds out of it!

1.) The sounds you submit cannot contain source material from another sample library.  It's fine if you want to make your own samples and layer them, but the material you submit must be free of copyright. Likewise, you allow Waveformless to distribute the samples you submit to the public for free without any compensation due to you.

2.) Please give each sample a different, unique name to help distinguish eveyrone's samples from one another.

3.) Sounds must be in 24-bit/44.1k WAV format and be fully edited (no dead space at the beginning, etc.)

4.)  Try to keep the sample sizes reasonable.

5.  When you've got stuff you want to submit, you may send it to me directly.  Make sure the subject header reads something like Waveformless Contest or something similar.

I think this should be a fun experiment.  Hope we get lots of submissions!  Now, without further delay, here are the samples:


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