Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Download a Free Track from the Upcoming Skinny Puppy Album

Industrial legends Skinny Puppy are getting ready to release their newest album, "Weapon" on May 28th on Metropolis Records.  To help promote the album, they've released a free MP3 via Rolling Stone Magazine of the track "salVo".


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ms said...

New album is more aggressive than past 2 records, kind of Greater Wrong of the Right. I hope they tour. The problem with Puppy is they wait so long to announce a tour is literally only 1-2 months before the show takes place.I hear Ogre has a new one coming out this summer as well. Hope its not another case of 2011 - Ogre album and tour, but no Puppy tour. If Ogre tours, at least come to the east coast.