Wednesday, May 8, 2013

10 Rules of a Zen Programmer

A friend of mine who is a software developer shared this article with me recently.  While it's about software coding, I think it applies to just about any creative endeavor, including writing music.  I'm definitely going to attempt to apply some of these principals to my workflow and see if I can't improve my productivity a bit.

[via & Music of Sound]

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Toadflakz said...

I agree. Tho' sometimes when you have a problem or are in the middle of writing and lack inspiration, switching to something else does help. I prefer to write this way, to be honest. Too much time spent on a single track makes me hate the track and turn it into something generic by applying the same craft techniques to it. So I like to have a few things I could work on at once available in case that happens. Either way, I do end up finishing the stuff and perhaps produce slightly better than if I did "force" the issue with the workflow.

I'm a coder too btw. ;)