Monday, May 27, 2013

Cakewalk Rapture On Sale for $19.99

Cakewalk is having a sale right now which includes their excellent Rapture synth for only $19.99.  Rapture is a six-oscillator sample-based synth with extensive modulation options and a ton of really nice sounds.  Mac users note that Lion and Mountain Lion are not supported.


MrNullDevice said...

Sometimes I do not understand Cakewalk. "Here's a piece of software! There's about a 50% chance of it being incompatible with your system, even though we only recently released it."

From the same minds that brought us "a lot of mac users want Z3TA. So here's Rapture and Dimension. We'll get to Z3TA later. Oh, and we don't do demos."

Anonymous said...

Check the supported OS's before purchasing. And don't mention Z3TA. I bought the MAC version and after six months of issues with just registering the product the fix was all of a sudden announcing "Not supported on 32-bit processors".

The AAS products for $20 is sweet. Get them.