Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One I Missed: Sugar Bytes Guitarist

I'm a bit late to the party on this one, as it was released awhile back, but if you missed it as I did, this is the latest product from Sugar Bytes, who are known for their unconventional effects. Guitarist claims to be a complete solution for emulating electric guitar on your Mac or PC. Sounds kind of interesting. Here's what they have to say about it:

" Absolutely convincing guitar riffs, combined with amps, wah pedals and effects. The actual guitar player has been transformed into a step sequencer system that allows control about playing styles, chord progressions and song structures. Guitarist can be played live as well, with just two fingers you can combine chords and patterns easily. You can choose from factory chords or just create your own chords on the fingerboard. The Action Section allows you to tweak the sequence in realtime and apply timestretch, looper or other crazy effects. Guitar players, keyboarders, producers, Guitarist is the new solution when guitar tracks are needed."


Paul Seegers said...

I tried this awhile ago and felt it had a way too mechanical feel to it.
Jimmy Page will not be out of job any time soon.

k said...

It's an interesting song-writing tool. A chord sequencer, if you will. Certainly fine for any simple riffs and chugging bits of energy you may want to explore adding to your song. I'd simply use it in DI mode and run it through something dedicated like Logic's pedal and amp plugins or Trash. It's probably easier to learn how to play a real guitar rather than get fully realistic guitar parts happening ITB.