Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free Patches for Synapse Audio's DUNE

Waveformless reader Joel is back to share another set of free patches with us, this time for Synapse Audio's excellent DUNE (which I reviewed here). Thanks, Joel!

Incidentally, Synapse just released a new version of DUNE (1.2) which include an additional 100 patches and the following:

  • Improved VCO quality for the classic sawtooth and square oscillators, giving an even more transparent, analog sound.
  • Modulation and Pitch bend wheel now respond more smoothly.
  • Engine system introduced, which guarantees that any project made with any version of Dune always sounds the same, regardless of installed upgrades.
  • The engine version currently in use is displayed when clicking on the DUNE logo. Open a new instance of Dune to start with the current, latest engine.
  • Modulation Matrix has row numbers now.
  • Pitch Bend Up/Down wasn't visually updated in some hosts when loading a project, fixed.
  • [Windows] In Cubase 5 64-bit, Dune could crash during initialization- fixed.
  • [Mac OS X] The Audio Unit now uses 20-30% less CPU than previously.
  • [Mac OS X] Modulation matrix destination menus have better and more logical ordering."

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