Monday, June 21, 2010

Korg Gives a Nod to Custom Mods of the Monotron

Via KORGINC on YouTube:

One of the things about the Korg Monotron (expected to hit these shores around the beginning of July) that has a lot of people fired up is the potential to mod it into something more capable. Modding gear really isn't anything new, but what is new is that Korg is acknowledging and giving support for this kind of activity in its marketing like the above video. I think that's brilliant. If they can help create an interesting little subculture around the instrument, I'd have to imagine it would help sales. Anyway, check out the video. I like the modular one the best, how about you?

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fractured said...

Monotroid looks to be the most useful to me. I love the ability to sequence from a phone. It would be very portable and likely to be able to export SMF to Logic, if not directly controllable by my DAW. Thanks for sharing this! I'm going to look for Gakken mods now.