Saturday, November 28, 2009

Get the New Nitzer Ebb Album Early!

In case you've been living under a rock, you probably know that EBM legends Nitzer Ebb are releasing their first new album since 1995's decidedly lackluster "Big Hit". The new album, entitled "Industrial Complex" is a step back to their electronic roots and harkens back to the sound of their early work and is due out January 22nd.

However, if you can't wait until then, you can pick up the 'tour edition' of the album on iTunes right now! I guess they've been selling CD-R copies of the album on their current US tour as a 'tour edition', but so far as I know, there is no other difference in the releases, so this is your chance to get it a couple months early!

GET IT ON Nitzer Ebb - Industrial Complex (Tour Edition)


Joey said...


Anonymous said...

I rather liked "Big Hit". It wasn't their best album, but it had some wonderfully deep production and a few really good songs.

DM said...

Damn... of course, it works only in the U.S. iTunes store. ;(

line of control said...

been waiting ages for this release... esp. after i heard/saw this:

a yr old now...but if the new stuff sounds like this i'm sold.

note the use of Reason. ahem.

an epileptic for hire said...

Finally! Saw them this summer in Gothenburg and they were freakin' awesome!Check this, I went to see them alone, because my companion had to drop out in the last minute, I had nothing to drink because I was going to drive afterwards and I STILL had the time of my life!