Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evolution EVS-1 Chameleon Synth on Ebay

Never even heard of this one. Apparently an FM-based synth?

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Anonymous said...

wow, this things are usually being sold for less than $50.00! how can he be asking $435.00? he should be desperate... anyway, this is just a very weird synth module that can't be edited at all from the front, but only via pc editor... and even if it do use some different synthesis algorithms, it's no kurzweil at all!!! no filter, no effect, terrible pcm waveforms... just a decent modulation matrix and some weird algorhitms... but unusable without an editor, so, pratically speaking, you're buying a very bad softsynth in an hardware case... what a waste of midi cables and audio jacks! also, you only get 20 user patch memory (and 80 crappy presets)... only worth looking for a few bucks, and if you are not pissed off of all its drawbacks...
bad bad bad price tag. stay away.