Thursday, October 2, 2008

Logic's Hidden Autopanner

One way to add depth and interest to a mix is to make creative use of panning instruments in the stereo field. An auto-panner allows a producer to have a track automatically pan back and forth in the mix for a pretty nifty effect that can really add energy to a mix. As well-appointed as Logic is in the plug-in department, it doesn't have an auto-panner. Or does it?

Logic's Tremolo effect has an extremely wide 'Rate' control that actually gets slow enough that you can use it for more than just standard tremolo effects. Indeed you can slow it down so far that a full cycle of panning takes 32 bars! A couple of things to remember when using this for autopan:

1. The first, and perhaps obvious one is that you need to use either a stereo or mono->stereo version of the plug-in. You won't get any results if you try to do this in mono since panning is, by nature, a stereo effect.
2. You will probably want to cut the 'Depth' value to around 75%. The full 100% will go hard left and right, which is not as pleasing to the ear as a more subtle curve.
3. Mess around with the Symmetry and Smoothing values to attain different types of curve.


DiscoiD said...

I've been using the Tremelo plug-in to pan stuff for quite a while. I still can't get over how different your version of Logic looks compared to version 6.4, which I'm still running due to lack of funds.

Tom said...

Yeah, 8 is drastically different, but in a good way. Just takes getting used to at first/