Monday, March 11, 2013

Native Instruments Introducts Monarch, Battery 4, and Komplete 9

A short time ago, Native Instruments teased that they would be releasing a new synth.  Today, we got details on what exactly it is, in addition to some other stuff.

Monark, as predicted, appears to be a virtual analog created in (and running with) Reaktor.  From an architecture standpoint, it looks very similar to the Minimoog.

Battery 4 is apparently a ground-up redesign, although in the format familiar to previous Battery users.  The new version includes a color-coding system for easy layout, new effects, and new drag and drop features.

Komplete 9 is NI's latest "everything" collection and includes both Battery 4 and Monark, as well as all the other recent NI sound library/plug-in releases.

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MrNullDevice said...

Big old "meh" on Komplete9. I'll probably still upgrade but...really, Monark and Battery4? That's it? That Monark isn't even a standalone synth is dreadfully disappointing. You'd think they'd've learned after everyone complained about the VC series requiring GuitarRig.

Komplete9 *Ultimate* has all the other new stuff, like the excellent Softube plugs, but even still...

The Battery Upgrade even needs more to sell it than "hey look we rolled in our SSL-emulating compressor and changed the colors" for it to be a worthwhile upgrade, especially considering what FXpansion and MOTU are doing with competing products. Maybe they're holding back on the marketing (the two pages devoted to it on their website was pretty uncharacteristically slim).