Friday, March 15, 2013

Free Plug-in from SoundToys

No free samples today... it's been a week.

But, I couldn't send you into the weekend without pointing you in the direction of something free!  SoundToys have released Little Microshift,   Little Microshift utilizes separate delays and/or pitch shift amounts on the left and right, widening and thickening the signal whether it's a vocal, guitar, or synth.  Note that SoundToys plug-ins require an iLok (BOOOOOOOOO!).



MrNullDevice said...

I love soundtoys.


Decapitator and Radiator are amazing. Devil-loc is pretty fun too.

Echoboy, Panman, Crystallizer and filterfreak are fantastic...and buggy. And they're STILL NOT 64-BIT.

Anonymous said...

iLok = no SoundToys for me. I'll give my money to the *many* awesome plug-in devs using simple serial or challenge/response. If SoundToys are using iLok, they could just as easily use PACE challenge/response.