Thursday, September 13, 2012

D16 Group Announces Imminent Release of LuSH-101

A couple years ago, Poland's D16 Group announced their next product would be a modeled Roland SH-101.  Given the quality of their prior products, there was good reason for the initial burst of excitement this announcement generated.  But as time went on with little news, some people feared it would be vaporware.  Well, those people can relax, as today D16 announced that LuSH-101 will be released soon an offered some details of what the synth can do.

LuSH-101 uses the basic architecture of the 101 and expands on it from there adding an extra envelope and LFO, a Unison mode, built-in FX, and an 8 layer set-up that allows you to build seriously big sounds with 8 layers, or control each layer independently.  A specific release date and price have yet to be announced, but it appears that our long wait is about to end.


fixate said...

YES! Finally

Databomb said...

I love them! They can keep doing all the Roland products! Totally gonna buy this ASAP!

Adam Dubbleu said...


Too bad I run Linux :(