Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amanda Palmer "Can't Afford" to Pay Her Backing Band

Today's head-scratcher comes via an article in Prefix Magazine in which Amanda Palmer, who recently rather famously raised $1.2 million dollars on Kickstarter, claims she can't afford to pay her band and is asking fans to play for nothing more than the "privilege" of joining her on stage.

Palmer claims that she is doing this because hiring the types of musicians she needs for the tour would cost her $35,000, which she simply "couldn't afford".  Excuse me?  Palmer must have quite a pair of brass balls to make that sort of claim.

In a few weeks, my band will be beginning our US tour.  My band and crew get paid every single show.  Last time I checked, I only had about $1,000 in my bank account.  If Palmer can't do the same with $1.2 million in the bank, she's doing something seriously wrong.

Clarification:  I was informed by someone who had seen a show on this tour that the musicians in question only played on 3 songs, and that her regular band was compensated.  I stand by my point, however, that someone at Palmer's level of success can't convincingly play the "I can't afford it", especially after her fans have handed over $1.2 million dollars.


gesslr said...

What's sad is that a musician/performer who understands the dynamic of the industry and it's tendency to screw musicians is herself so ready and eager to do the same.

Totally changes my opinion of her if true.

just b said...

i agree with you completely.

Who's that drunk guy? said...

You're doing it all wrong need to stop shaving your head and start shaving your eyebrows (the video posted on her site indicates that you DON'T need to shave the lady parts, so you can leave well enough alone there).