Monday, July 9, 2012

XILS-Lab Announces Release Date for Oxium

XILS-Lab has announced a release date for it's first softsynth not modeled after a vintage synth, called Oxium.  Oxium will be released July 22nd and is available until August 15th for $89  (regular price is $129).  A demo version is available to try as well.


djemptyx said...

So what was your opinion of it? I really like the organisation and layout of the params and there is definitely a charm to the character of the filter(s). Also like the Modulation page where most common MIDI controls, such as MW,PB,Exp,AT,etc can be sort of hardwired assigned to certain destinations separate from the neighboring Mod Matrix. Helps to save mod slots this way, although I do wish there were more slots available regardless. It features Looping Envs w/ Delay on all 3 envs (Looping incl the Release stages). Funky potential there. There's a modulation "spray" function (Spr Mod) which runs mod values thru "chaotic" equations to give increasingly random results depending on the knob's value. This can at times have useful and interesting results. ALL OSC's except for the static Square wave can have PWM as well. Separate Portamento/Glide for OSC's. I've demo'd Xils soft in the past and been not overly thrilled by the 'sound' over other synths I owned (yet always lusted over their interfaces and modulation functions) but this one... I had to buy it yesterday and I'm really enjoying it's sound, despite a few bugs here and there, it was definitely...definitely worth the 69euro lead-in price. The Le Masque Seq is a bit odd and takes a few sessions to get used to and I'm not overly impressed with its generally un-userfriendly nature but there might be interface fixes/improvements just over the horizon, acc. to one of the Xils team who posts on KVR forums. Interested to get your take on it, Tom. Cheers! :)

Tom said...

When they first announced, I thought, great, another virtual analog, just what the world needs. But after hearing the audio demos, it seems to have some unusual qualities I'd be interested in exploring deeper. I leave for tour tomorrow, but have downloaded the demo to check out on the flight over to Europe. Stay tuned!

djemptyx said...

Have a nice n safe tour mate ;)