Friday, July 6, 2012

Audiomidi Deal: Get FXPansion's Etch Filter Plug for $20!

For the next five days, AudioMIDI will be selling FXPansion's new "Etch" plug-in for only $20.  Etch is a full-featured filter plug-in based on their acclaimed DCAM Synth Squad modeled analog synths.


Anonymous said...

Bought as soon as I got the audiomidi email!! Now theses are the no-brainers _I_ like...

Now, where's me Diva for $20.... >:P


djemptyx said...

I also jumped on this. It was definitely a real No-brainer. I mean a modelled Filter mod bank which accepts an external signal to drive FM??? AND a super intelligent "transmod" modulation scheme??? NO-Brainer. I just wonder if Andrew (Cytomic) helped with these Filters as well. I didn't see his name in the module's creds. I know he DID help with the modeling in DCAM however. I can't wait for Cytomic's Drive filter module to be released. That will be a no-brainer no matter the price-tag ;)