Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stream the New Album from Gatekeeper

The folks over at Factmag have posted a stream of the new album from Gatekeeper sporting a bit of a different sound from their "Giza" EP.  Here's what they have to say about it:

"A tough EBM session, dripping with sweat and a firm evolution from the more disposable horror soundtrack pastiches that the duo released in their early days, it’ll be released next week through Hippos in Tanks. In the Chicago pair’s own words , “it’s a record about “pineal activation, IMAX phantasy, drippy acid ecosystems and HD….everything.” Even better: it’s not only accompanied by a “first-person gaming environment” designed by artist Tabor Robak, it also has its own Exo font, which you can grab here. Talk about going the extra mile, right?"

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Anonymous said...

WTH? There are a few brief good moments, but after 20 years of "acid" I'm really bored of the 303 and it takes away more than it adds. EBM. No. IDM, maybe. Listening to it doesn't make me want to move, it makes me want to turn it off.

Giza was cool. It had something special I liked. Shame that sound was so disposable.

Exo stage left

Gatekeeper, I am disappoint