Thursday, May 31, 2012

Korg Poly-800 with 6 Mods on eBay

This is the most mods I've seen on one of these before:

• VCF Cutoff Frequency. absolutely essential.
• VCF Resonance (with an internal trimmer ) I've set it so the filter will just barely oscillate at max.
• VCF Freq Modulation  (DCO1 digital controlled oscillator) Smooth modulation here.
• VCF Super Mod  ( DCO2 digital controlled oscillator) This modulation is much harsher, much more striking than the first.
• Noise gain - this is really nice to be able to turn it up and down for some wind and thunder effects.
• 18/24db filter output selection switch. I've found that the 18db output on the filter is a much better sound with more character, depth, clarity.

Info at the listing...

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