Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Espermachine Previews Online Now

Here are the preview clips for Espermachine's debut album "Dying Life".  I produced this at the same time as I was working on my own upcoming album, "Bruise".  Mr. Esper did the programming for the album in Reason, and I produced the tracks in Logic Audio.  I plan on making this album available digitally tomorrow via Bandcamp, with iTunes to follow.  A limited CD release will follow that.  Want to pre-order the CD?  Just head over to the Assemblage 23 Online Store.

1 comment:

PHiL said...

Nice album ! Gonna buy it ! Who is the singer ? His voice looks like to be yours with some differences. Anyway, I like it !
Was it made only with Reason ? Nice work even if the mixing was made with something more professional like Logic ;-)