Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google Honors Bob Moog's Birthday with Playable Web Synth

The cat was sort of out of the bag already, as Google in Australia and Japan had this yesterday due to the time difference, but Google has marked this day in history (Bob Moog's birthday) with a playable browser-based synth.  It even includes a mini four-track recorder to record your doodles.  How awesome is that?

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Unknown said...

i sampled it and edited and modified the sample to create a bell that sounds like a regular bell which was created by setting all osc's to their highest note and detune it and then sampled into edison in flstudio and then exported to wav to import into adobe audition to time stretch it and then add reverbs and echos and then i just clipped the end of the sample by accident which was a bell like sound so i exported wav selection and then i imported back into audition and time stretched it and then add a reverb as a final touch, you can find on synthetic illusion