Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review: Sounds of the Revolution Kick Free Revolution 3

Product: Kick Free Revolution Vol. 3 Loop Library
Format: Digital download of WAV/Rex/Apple Loops
Price: €54.61
Demo: On product page. (Free samples, too...)

Although I really enjoy programming my own drums, loops can sometimes be lifesavers in adding a specific feel or groove. The trouble is, most loop collections are of full drum parts, so if you want to mix your own drum programming with the loops, you have to try and EQ out the kick, or your low end turns to audio mush. Wouldn't it be great to have just the elements that lend the groove without all the other bits? That's exactly the idea behind Kick Free Revolution Volume 3 from Sounds of Revolution.

Divided into categories of Kit Loops (electronic hats, thips, perc, and occasional simple snare parts), Hi-hat loops (just what it sounds like), Live Percussion Loops (acoustic percussion loops), Minimal Loops (bleepy/twonky electronic loops perfect for minimal and tech house), Mixed Loops (loops created with all sorts of sounds), Noise Loops (interesting loops created with white noise), Synth Perc (just what it sounds like), and Tonal Loops (loops with tuned percussion elements). The loops all clock in at 127 BPM, but if you're using the REX/Stylus format, you can change the tempo of most of these loops across a fairly wide range of tempos without unwanted artifacts.

Producer Oliver Schmitt's production style generally leans towards the heavier end of the spectrum with most of the loops very aggressively compressed and the high end EQ tweaked. There is plenty of that here, but there are also lots of lighter sounding material should that fit your musical context better. In fact, I'd say the best part of this collection is the variety of what is offered here. There's plenty of loosely swinging hats for house or techno, ethnic percussion for adding a more exotic feel, Kraftwerkian laser rhythms for an electronic edge, straight forward dance grooves, you name it. It's a fun collection to audition loops from because you're never quite sure what the next loop is going to sound and feel like. This makes it very easy to recommend to musicians looking to add a little inspiration to their drum tracks. [9/10]

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