Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Industrial Strength Drum Shots Vol 1

Product: Industrial Strength Drum Shots Vol. 1
Distributor: SoundsToSample
Format: 24-bit WAV with mapped kits for Battery, Maschine, Kontakt, EXS-24, and Redrum
Demo: Audio Demos on Product Page.
Price: $19.95

From the talents of legendary DJ/producer Lenny Dee comes Industrial Strength Drum Shots Vol. 1. This is a small collection of aggressive drum sounds mapped into 3 drum kits (6 for Redrum). You'll find both acoustic and electronic drums sounds here all processed aggressively through a variety of outboard gear. Although the sounds are very heavily compressed and EQed, they are otherwise dry, allowing you to process them further as you see fit. Creators or dubstep, electro, hardstyle and other harder dance styles will probably get a lot of use from these sounds. What's here is very good, it just seems a little overpriced for how little material there is overall (at least compared to most drum libraries). But if you're a big fan of Mr. Dee's work, $20 may seem like a small price to pay! [8/10]

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