Friday, February 13, 2009

Open Thread Friday

So since it's Friday, and I know you're all screwing around at work waiting for the clock to wind down (don't deny it), I thought I'd open the floor to suggestions.

What sorts of things would you like to see on this blog? What kinds of tutorials, features, articles, profiles, reviews, etc. would be the most interesting or useful to you?


James said...

Happy Friday,

sadly not at work )o: just killing time at home, but keeping busy with your super blog.

im not sure what more to ask for as your already nailing it but i would say more au/vst's :oP

keep up the golden work

visitour said...

how about music composition and production. People spend a lot of time talking gear and recording but don't say much about the music making process. I'm always interested in that

Matthias said...

I second that. I'd also be really interested in the process of music making itself.

dave said...

Don't want to steal any secret, ;) but I'd appreciate a post about one of your songs: a screenshot of your logic session, what sound is made with what synth, basic mixing procedure, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

I would be interested on your thoughts and methods regarding lyric composition.

And as popular as V.S.T.s are, I love hardware (probably because I haven't had to drag them around on a tour). Maybe an article/video or two on some of your hardware synthesizers and how you program them.

Perhaps a photo of your studio with an explanation of its inner workings.


John said...

More of the Logic centric production techniques as these are incredibly useful, I got a lot from the roll your own drum sounds and find the little tips and tricks that seperate amateur from pro really useful.

I also second the song construction/composition comments above, how to turn those 4 bar initial ideas into actual songs! IMO that has to be the hardest part of the process...

Cheers for the great blog!


lineofcontrol said...

Tom, you always come across as humble and very sincere,which is incredibly cook; but you should be incredibly proud of your musical achievements and now of this brilliant resource for all of us.

i know a love of your music has drawn many of us here, so an insight into your creative process would be very welcome. perhaps you feel that would be better suited to the tech section of the A23 forum? (although isn't that going bye-bye?)

keep up the excellent work.

spicy,guyanese lamb roti's for all at Waveformless!!!

Anonymous said...


A second request for some insight into lyrical composition. What struck me most about your music is the clever, succinct lyrics.

When writing my own songs, I usually start with a phrase that pops into my head, and keep expanding from there. I don't usually know what the song is about until all the words are written. And often, I'll end up with one good verse and chorus, and they really start struggling for something mediocre to fill in the rest of the song. And conversely, if I start with a specific subject matter, I use up all my ideas quickly and I'm back to not having enough to say.

So many of your songs, such as "Disappoint", "Naked", and "30kft." clearly indicate that you chose the subject matter ahead of time, and wrote the lyrics about that subject. Now, touchy subject matter aside (which I'm not asking you to discuss), how do you take a simple concept and keep finding new aspects to cast into words? And often in such a clever way, at that!

Tom said...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Very helpful! I'll see what I can do...