Monday, February 23, 2009

The Case for Auto-tune Part 2

Friday was Conan O'Brien's last show in NYC, and his choice for his final musical guest was the White Stripes. What followed was some of the most painful harmonizing I've heard in quite some time.

And if your ears still haven't had enough punishment, check out this post of Kanye West on Saturday Night Live.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Yeah, what was that? I honestly was more pissed off by HER terrible guitar playing (and doesn't her guitar sound out of tune too) and HER singing.

Ok, Jack wasn't really that on but he had attitude coming thru. She just killed it all.

-Tom N

Tom said...

Meg White is like the new Linda McCartney. Except Linda McCartney could actually play her instrument well.

visitour said...

ouch! they weren't even trying harmony, just vanilla unison and it sucked. she got better as the song progressed, but his intonation was just as bad.

I think they were both extremely nervous. Intonation is the first thing to go.

I thought the song sucked too. I don't understand why ppl around him don't just tell him it's not a good song

Anonymous said...

I saw Kanye West on SNL and thought WTF?
Autotune Tune abuse should be illegal.