Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Native Instruments Teases New Synth

Native Instruments have released some teasers for a new synth they're releasing with little info given other than "A Revolution is Coming" and it'll be "One Synth to Rule Them All".  Oddly, from the sound clips, the "revolution" sounds like a modeled analog synth.  Sounds decent, but I'm not hearing anything revolutionary so far.  My guess?  Given Native Instrument's foray into hardware in recent years, it'll be a softsynth with a hardware controller of some type.  What do you think it'll be?


urbster1 said...

Maybe it will be Kore 2!

fractured said...

That would be Kore 3.

I'm guessing it'll be more like a Reaktor with lots of modules and synthesis types, only easier to grasp.