Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Analog from Korg or Wishful Thinking?

 NAMM is coming up, so it's inevitable that leaks and rumors would start.  The first of those comes regarding two new products from Korg, the King Korg and the MINI MS-20.

The MINI MS-20 is rumored to be a new version of their analog classic, the MS-20 in a smaller chassis and with mini keys.  Yeah, the picture looks at first glance like the MS-20ic controller that came with the Korg Legacy collections, but some subtle details such as screw and LED locations appear to be different.  Will it be an actual analog beastie, or just a repackaged, self-contained version of the (admittedly excellent) Korg Legacy version?

The other rumor is about the King Korg, which some believe to be a 3-oscillator analog synth.  But is it real analog or just another virtual analog? Time will tell, but it seems that after the success of the Monotron series, this could be a conceivable direction Korg might take.  On the other hand, a higher price point would likely make these more niche products that would do smaller numbers than a company the size of Korg might bother with.  What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I kind of hate the interface of the MS20, so I would hope that they would just make a new modular synth altogether!