Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RIP Jack Tramiel of Commodore Computers Dies

Sad news yesterday as  Commodore founder Jack Tramiel passed away at the age of 83.  A survivor of Auschwitz, Trameil  revolutionized consumer electronics, and later home computers, namely with the low-cost Commodore 64, which is still sought after these days for its SID sound chip (later used in Elektron's famous SIDstation).


Anonymous said...

An Atari.
He made the Atari ST the first computers to have a MIDI interface build in,
the rest is history.

Ttam Troll said...

His "Jackintosh" computers were my first and favorite line of computers. Long live TOS (aka Tramiel Operating System)! R.I.P. Jack.

Unknown said...

we had a commodore since 1982 when the vic 20 came out but the first computer i used was a apple macintosh in 1986, i then started to use the vic 20 until 1993 when we got a c64 and that had some cool music programs but ultimately commodore made amiga 500 which had cool music software also...i have some amiga roms from the net with dynamicdrums and miditracker, the guy was a genius like the steve woz from apple not to be confused with steve jobbs who was the business end, steve wozniak was the engineer who actually built the first apple by hand in steve jobbs garage

IT Company in San Antonio said...

Yeah, I remember when my Father bought me an Atari for Christmas. It literally changed my life, and for the better I might add. Thanks Jack. RIP my friend.