Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cool Interview with Martin Gore on VCMG

Adam sent this to me awhile ago and it completely slipped my mind.  Great interview with Martin Gore on his collaboration with Vince Clarke on the VCMG album (which is amazingly excellent if you haven't checked it out yet...)

[via Spin Magazine]

UPDATE: LINK FIXED  Here's another one from the Quietus.


Andrew said...

link = Not Found
The URL you requested could not be found.

Linda said...

When you refer to a article that's from, wouldn't it be better to actually link to, rather than to someone's Tumblr account who posted that same link? I'm saying this because I know that person, and I'm sure she wouldn't like to see a link to her Tumblr account on a blogspot account. So here is the link to that you are referring to:

Adam Dubbleu said...

The post I sent from walkonbarefeetforme was a re-post of Luke Turner's interview on The Quietus.

Sorry for the confusion.